What our client say about us

Jami and Don, Capital District

My husband and I contracted with Kepner Kitchens for design layout and cabinetry for a complete kitchen remodel. We couldn’t be happier with the final result and highly recommend Bob Kepner and Kepner Kitchens! Bob is an experienced design and installation professional whom we found to be extremely knowledgeable, reliable, responsible, and a person of high integrity.   We have a log home where the kitchen cabinets are mounted to the solid log walls. This presents many special considerations and challenges regarding location of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. With Bob’s help and expert advice we were able to ensure the new cabinets would fit, function properly and integrate well with the log home interior. Kepner Kitchens designs include a 3D rendering / virtual design walk thru service (no additional cost) which I found invaluable since I wanted white cabinets but was not sure how they would look in an all wood house. During the design and installation process, Bob patiently answered my many questions and provided helpful design recommendations which we implemented. He made several visits to our home for the initial consult and measuring, to review 3D virtual kitchen walk thru, to modify/review final design, to confirm correct cabinets delivered, and to review the final design with our installer, including discussion of special considerations. Bob also recommended several subcontractors which worked well for us, e.g., countertop stone fabricator, wood floor refinisher, appliances, sinks and faucets, and cabinet door custom glass installation

Jeremy and Stacey, Clifton Park

Bob @ Kepner Kitchens was a pleasure to work with. From day 1 he assisted my wife and I with planning our kitchen remodeling project. He created several kitchen cabinet layout plans that ultimately helped with not only the cabinet planning but remodeling needs. I got quotes from 5 cabinet suppliers locally and no one put forth 50% of the effort of Kepner Kitchens. Bob was always available to answer any question throughout the sales process and after. Kepner Kitchens also made sure all cabinets were up to par when delivered and made sure any logistic issues were resolved without assistance from me or my wife. As anyone can imagine planning a kitchen renovation can be stressful. Kepner Kitchens was a fantastic resource and I would recommend them to anyone starting the process.

Chris and Barbara, Clifton Park

First time doing any renovation project and this one was huge; expanding a kitchen and complete updating floor, cabinets, counter, electrical, appliances, window and wall removal, etc. so it was great having Bob Kepner walk me through the process. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and created a kitchen layout/design that was practical, functional, economical and most importantly met our individual preferences. I did not know much about kitchens so it was nice to have Bob share with me the various options and the pros and cons with each option. Bob dealt with the various contractors so I never had to coordinate the work between contractors and everything seemed to just flow together with Bob communicating with me every step of the way. I was surprised at how fast the work was done and the urgency that Bob had in making sure I had use of the kitchen ASAP. There were no surprises except that the kitchen came out better than I had imagined.

Darren and Meredith, Albany

Bob and Mark Kepner were fantastic to work with, especially since we were doing our first kitchen renovation. My wife and I weren't sure what we could do with our small kitchen to increase functionality and space; Bob had the answers in designing the cabinet space and making great suggestions when we ordered appliances, sinks, counter tops, and floors. Mark was great in installing the kitchen cabinets, floors, and back-splashes. Even when we ordered a refrigerator that was too big for the space provided, Mark and Bob fixed the space to make it work. Mark was also great when we asked him to do a few extra items not originally discussed.   If you're looking to have a kitchen done right with great customer service, hire Kepner Kitchens; you won't be disappointed!   Thanks again guys,  Darren and Meredith

Brian and Allison, Latham

The client letter below requires a little explanation.  The cabinet company we originally were ordering from went out of business with no advane notice after we had ordered the cabinets.  We ordered cabinets made to the same specifications as the original and did not charge our clients any additional costs, though it cost our company the original deposit we sent to the cabinet company and the cost for the new cabinets.  This letter expresses the client's thoughts on how we handled this situation.  They also sent us more for some extra materials than what we billed and explained why.  We were not originally contracted to install the cabinets, but did so as a convenience due to the time delay and only charged the credit given by the original installation company.

 Eric, Here is the final check for the materials.  You will notice the check is a little more than double what the supplies came to.  Allison and I wanted to pay you more because we really appreciate all the extra effort you put in to giving us the kitchen we wanted.  I know the additional refund from (the original company that was to do the install) was low and I'm sorry there isn't more I can do about that.  I also know that the cabinets cost you more than we paid.  We are grateful that you were so upfront with us about (the cabinet company that went out of business) and that you were willing to uphold our contract.  The quality of  your work is excellent and we're very happy that you were flexible enough to work with us.

Tom and Mary Ann, Clifton Park

Eric and Bob - Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the terrific job you did on our kitchen.   Based on our first discussions at the Home Show, we knew we'd be getting a quality job.  From your first design to the various tweaks as the project moved along, we knew we were dealing with true professionals.  The final product, however, exceeded even our very high expectations.  The finished kitchen is just terrific; functional and very attractive. Any questions that came up were dealt with quickly and efficiently either in person, by phone or e-mail.  It was very much appreciated. Our best to you and your family for a healthy and happy holiday season.